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Based on the interest of the Government of Saudi Arabia, represented by its wise leadership in the growth of society in a sound scientific way to reach global and embrace Annan cloud in development and advancement on the basis of scientific and strong infrastructure, hence the universities in the Kingdom, including academics, attached great importance in accelerating the renaissance The University of Jeddah, which we see today is moving fast and steadily towards the goal to compete with the rest of the universities and even beyond the global and accordingly came the approval of the Institute (Research and Consulting Institute) to establish a statistical expertise house Work by national cadres entitled: “Portal of Statistics for a promising future” to benefit from our beloved country and then the sons of the dear homeland Individuals – institutions (charitable and profitable) – businessmen – government departments, and we always seek to attract experienced in the field of the people of the country as well as from outside Homeland (global acquaintance) We aspire in the near future to reach a global house of expertise under the umbrella of the University of Jeddah, wishing God success.

Dr.. Magda Mohamed Badr

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We seek in the House of Expertise entitled Statistics Portal for a promising future to raise the awareness of the community of the importance of analyzing the data that can be obtained from (questionnaires or applied research or scientific studies) and write documented and certified reports and illustrated with accurate graphs, we seek to guide decision-making in a way that seeks to Reduce the percentage of error and risk and build decisions on accurate results at the level of the individual and society in order to achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030 in pursuit of progress and at a steady pace and ask God to reconcile and repay. Experience House members Head of House of expertise: Dr. Magda Mohamed Badr. - Associate Professor, University of Jeddah _ Certified trainer certificate from King Abdul Aziz University _ Working in the field of

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