Vision :

To be in a distinguished position in the field of financial consulting services

the message :

Providing outstanding professional financial consulting services that enable our clients to achieve their goals.

Value :

Striving for excellence: Provide our clients with the best possible services. Our goal is to exceed clients’ expectations to help pursue their financial goals.

INTEGRITY: Maintain high standards of integrity Delivering the highest level of service to clients Dealing to safeguard interests of clients Provide high quality financial consultancy services

INVOLVEMENT: Foster strong sense of belonging for all stakeholders Provide teamwork environment to promote growth and development Adopt a team approach governed by respect and courtesy

INITIATIVE: Strive for excellence in services provided Customer-focused is our mantra Consider high ethical standards. Strive to improvement and innovation

Social responsibility: Caring for our community.

Financial Consultancy

Where economic changes are accelerating in a significant way in the markets, which leads to the need for companies and institutions to keep pace with these changes in a scientific manner that enables them to achieve their goals through competition and the ability to remain in the markets, and


Financial consulting services

Our team at Tawazi provides the following high level of professional financial services: ▪ Studying and evaluating the financial position of the entity and propose appropriate solutions ▪ Analyzing and evaluating financial and accounting systems and developing them ▪ Preparing financial


Evaluating the financial position of the entity and propose appropriate solutions

The financial position of the entity is studied through financial analysis and evaluation of the activities, projects, annual budgets and other financial operations to measure the performance of the entity and its suitability to achieve its goals. The results of the financial analysis determine


Analyzing, evaluating and developing financial and accounting systems

Financial and accounting systems have an important role in the efficiency of financial and accounting performance, as they contribute to providing integrated and organized records of accounting operations and thus lead to the issuance of correct financial reports that enable


Preparing financial and accounting bylaws and regulations

The goal of preparing the basic rules of the financial and accounting system, which is to be followed by employees of the establishment when carrying out the accounting and financial activities is to preserve the facility's money and properties, by clearly defining the organization's accounting


Preparing financial and accounting policies and procedures

Internal policies and procedures mean those regulations that include the detailed rules necessary for the implementation of accounting and financial activities. It includes the administrative procedures related to the implementation of the financial and mathematical operations and their clarity


Designing, developing and implementing financial and accounting systems

The team of Tawazi studies the business and activities of the facility and searches for the best financial and accounting systems that are appropriate to the facility and meet its needs as the financial system should be appropriate to record the accounting operations, issue financial statements


Preparing financial control policies and procedures

The specialized team of Tawazi prepares internal control policies and procedures with a view to creating an effective system of internal control by defining the rules of internal audit and the independence of its work, in accordance with modern best practices and in line with the


Financial planning and preparation of planning budgets (annual budgets)

The financial planning of the facility is an important means to achieve its goals and success, and there is long-term planning and its duration varies according to the activity of the establishment and the changes affecting the activity, and it is preferable to rely on a period of three to five


Financial analysis

Our specialized team provides financial analysis services for the financial statements, budgets, cash flow statements and provide the necessary financial reports. It also analyzes and evaluates the financial, accounting and auditing aspects of the establishment's activities and the


Preparing procurement and contract policies and procedures

▪ Achieve efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out purchases using the most recent methods applied. ▪ Control purchases and tighten control over purchases, ensuring that fraud is prevented and reduce waste. ▪ Develop integrated procurement management systems that ensure accuracy,


Review and develop cost accounting models

Cost accounting is concerned with measuring the costs of the establishment's activities, whether those activities are the production ofgoods or the provision of services. The role of cost accounting extends to providing appropriate cost information for the various levels of enterprise management


Preparing and developing financial reports

Enterprises pay attention to the analysis of their financial statements and rely on periodic financial reports, in order to avoid any losses with the possibility of increasing the profitability opportunity. Therefore, accurate and timely financial reporting is of great importance for


Economic feasibility studies

Economic feasibility studies aim to ensure the success of the project to be established by studying the economic conditions surrounding the project and all related elements, and this is what "Parallel" does where the integrated feasibility studies for the project begin, whether they relate


Preparing policies and procedures for assets and inventory

Our specialized team prepares policies and procedures to ensure the preservation of the fixed assets and stock of the entity and ensure financial control over it, including the following points: ▪ Applying procedures for controlling the purchase of fixed assets ▪ Ensure that the assets are


Managing and supervision of financial and accounting departments

Tawazi team contributes to accounting and financial management solutions such as the following: ▪ Full supervision and management of the team ▪ Training ▪ Provide human resources ▪ Preparing annual budgets ▪ Preparing periodic financial


Arranging financing through licensed government and financial agencies

Tawazi team is pleased to work with our customers to arrange their financial needs as follows: ▪ Study the financial needs ▪ Identify funding sources ▪ Arrange the financing files ▪ Submit and follow-up customer requests on behalf of


Evaluation of Entities

The evaluation of companies / Est. aims to know their potential market value, as well as the evaluation of an entity from its projects. The economic value that is determined for the enterprise represents the value of its net income resulting from investing its assets collectively,


Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate leaders strive to seek growth opportunities that enhance their position in the market (increase market share) and improve their financial performance. Growth strategies include developing product lines, expanding services or entering new markets, expanding offers of existing products



The franchise system is one of the commercial means for investment opportunities in the market. Tawazi team works with the investor to help the franchisee achieve the following goals:▪ Make good investment decisions ▪ Verify the rights, duties and risks associated with the concession ▪


Liquidation of companies

Liquidation means the group of operations that aim to end the business of a company or institution and settle all its rights and debts. This is in accordance with the regulations stipulated in the company's contract, and if the contract is free from the provisions of liquidation, then


Legacy liquidation

Tawazi assists in finishing the legacy works, their distribution, inheritance and clearance of receivables by reviewing the accounts of the inheritance and inheritance according to the regular procedures. As wellas the work of the judicial custody, the judicial liquidator, and all necessary